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Formation of Association: When two or more members agree, they create an Unincorporated Members Association (UMA) where all members are equal in rights, aiming for unity. The Founding Members, acting on behalf of the Association, can establish a new social contract with new members.

Agreed Terms for Service: The member acknowledges that specific terms and conditions apply to services provided by other members under this Agreement. The agreement starts upon acknowledgment and continues for a mutually agreed period. It remains in effect until the member decides to leave or the Association Secretary terminates membership based on Association bylaws.


Member's Contractual Obligations:
The member agrees to uphold the obligations set by the Founding Members and the Association.


Types of Services and Purposes:
The services provided support the main project purpose of the not-for-profit community service association in their quest to deliver wholistic modalities for the purpose of members achieving and maintaining their energetic health and wellbeing. These services may include:

1. Availing oneself to the therapies available exclusively to members, including but not limited to

  • frequency modalities such as the Enhanced Energy System,

  • natural therapies such as colonics, spinal flow

  • analysis services such as live blood analysis

  • neurological services such as neuro linguistic programming

  • other services as yet undefined

2. ​Serving on a panel to determine how excess funds of the Association may be spent in alignment with the main purpose of the Association and its ancillary projects
3. Assisting in ancillary project delivery
4. Providing help, whether in a professional or non-professional capacity
5. Respecting other members' rights
6. Adhering to safety regulations
7. Following project-specific bylaws
8. Following guidance from senior Founding Members or qualified professionals
9. Treating fellow members, officials, and advisors with respect.


Compensation and Remuneration:
The member may receive compensation for their expenses while contributing time to community projects aligned with the Association's main goal.


Termination of Agreement:
If a member fails to deliver the necessary service for a project, either party can terminate this agreement. Termination can also occur when remuneration and expenses are resolved.

Work Scope and Positions:
The work carried out can include various functions, as long as they align with the Association's primary purpose, contribute to project delivery, and provide benefits accordingly.


Membership Fee:
The membership fee of $20 is due upon registration and lodgement of this form.


The new member affirms their membership, agrees to and acknowledges the Terms and Conditions of the Membership Agreement, including the confidentiality and non disclosure clauses;
and the Founding Member(s) accept the new member into the Association based upon their agreement to uphold the spirit of the bylaws set within this document.

Personal Affirmation


I am of sound mind, willingly and in good faith, with the ability to enter into contracts, hereby choose to become a member of the Association. I commit to paying the appropriate membership fee.

I acknowledge and accept the terms of the Association's New Member Agreement, along with any attached addendums and bylaws that are approved through resolutions as they benefit both me individually and the collective membership. I also agree to comply with future bylaws that may be necessary as the Association evolves.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA): I acknowledge that any confidential information I acquire or learn, as defined by the New Member Agreement and bylaws, must be kept confidential. This includes all information of a proprietary nature provided exclusively to members of the Association.

I hereby acknowledge that, in the event of an approach by a government agent, legal body, or their representative, I shall strictly adhere to the confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions stipulated in the Membership Agreement. Accordingly, I shall refrain from furnishing said agent/representative with any information and shall, instead, guide them to initiate contact with the Trustee, Board of Trustees, Directors, Board of Directors, or Founding Members, as per the terms outlined in the aforementioned Membership Agreement.

I confirm that I understand that I cannot be compelled by any external entity or public court to provide information about the membership association.

Voluntary Disclosure: If I willingly share information with someone who is not a member, I agree to pay a penalty of $100,000 to the Association as compensation for violating privacy and disclosing information. I acknowledge that breach of confidential and/or proprietary information may lead to instant and permanent termination of membership.

Association's Security: I confirm that I am participating as an individual and not as an agent or representative of any foreign entity, company, corporation, or government. I am not here with the intention of investigating or accessing private information, activities, products or services of the Association or its members, or to officially enforce policies on behalf of any city, state, union, or federal agency. My intention is solely to join the Association to find a peaceful and secure environment to enjoy social benefits, products, and services and connect with like-minded individuals.

I understand that breaching this clause would require me, a wo/man, to provide a remedy of $100,000 for each breach.

Code of Conduct: I promise to consistently treat fellow members with kindness, act with integrity in all my interactions, and offer help when needed. I commit to avoiding disputes and conflicts and to valuing the opinions of other members.

Association Agreement Acknowledgment: I confirm that I have read and thoroughly reviewed the current Agreement. I willingly embrace and support the Agreement, along with any accompanying addendums and bylaws.


The new member personally affirms and the Founding Member(s) accept the new member into the Association based upon their agreement to uphold the spirit of the bylaws set within this document.

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