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Foundations for Optimal Energy

Chandelier offers its members a range of educational and self-development content, including the following information about the Energy Enhancement System.


Your vitality is the cornerstone of realising your life's aspirations. No matter how strong your determination may be, without the necessary energy, your dreams will remain elusive. This encompasses not only your mental drive but also your physical well-being, where cellular energy plays a pivotal role. At Chandelier, we merge cutting-edge quantum science and technology with timeless wisdom to empower our members with the essential vitality required to conquer their life's ambitions.

Unlocking the Power of the Energy Enhancement System

The premise of the Energy Enhancement System is founded on five fundamental pillars, and these underlying principles are the very essence of its effectiveness.

Foundation 1: The Influence of Environment on Vitality

Imagine that your vitality is like a musical symphony, and your environment is the conductor. In this symphony, the environment sets the tone and rhythm. It's not just about the air you breathe or the cleanliness of your surroundings; it's about the invisible energy fields that surround you. These fields can either harmonise with your well-being or create discord, affecting your health.

We call this phenomenon the "Bio-Resonant Field." When you spend significant time in a particular environment, your body synchronises with it, just like two hearts beating in unison. For instance, when women spend time together, their menstrual cycles often sync. This isn't contagious; it's the result of a bioresonant field they're tuning into. Similarly, your vitality synchronises with the environment you inhabit.

A balanced environment fosters vitality, while an unhealthy one can lead to sickness. The foundation of our discussion revolves around this principle: your environment shapes how your vitality manifests.

Foundation 2: The Law of Conservation

At the core of our understanding of energy is the Law of Conservation, the bedrock of all scientific knowledge. It states that energy cannot be created or destroyed; it merely changes forms. This implies an eternal cycle with no beginning or end.

Law of conservation.jpg

Foundation 3: Cellular Charge: The Essence of Vitality

True vitality originates within your cells. Picture your cells as tiny powerhouses, each needing a high electrical charge to function optimally. It is known that low cellular charge is the breeding ground for disease and mental health issues. So, the key isn't just asking how to stop being sick and tired or become more vibrant but rather, how to charge your cells effectively.

Cellular Charge.png

Foundation 4: pH Levels

Another crucial aspect is the body's pH level, which measures its hydrogen potential. A neutral pH is around 7, slightly alkaline (7.35 to 7.45) within the body. An acidic environment can promote fatigue, while an alkaline one promotes vitality, returning us to our natural state.

Foundation 5: Oxygen Levels

Dr. Otto Warburg's research revealed that oxygen-deprived cells tend to become cancerous. This research earned him the Nobel Prize in 1931. A lack of oxygen creates an ideal environment for disease. Conversely, oxygen-rich environments promote vitality.


These three foundations—cellular charge, pH, and oxygen levels—are interconnected, representing different facets of the same truth. Low charge, acidity, and oxygen deficiency are all signs of an unhealthy state. By elevating one, the rest will naturally follow suit.

Two Aspects to the EE System technology

The EE System plays a crucial role in addressing these foundations, particularly by charging cells. Your environment is pivotal here; it's the context in which your cells resonate. The EE System harnesses the Law of Conservation, allowing your body to tap into its innate healing potential. The technology creates the ideal conditions for your body to restore its natural vitality.

This is your body's natural state. Our understanding is rooted in the Law of Conservation, which implies an infinite field called the torsion field—a boundless, timeless wellspring of energy. Your body, like everything else, operates within this torsion field.

torsion field.png

Today, much of the world's imbalance stems from an environment filled with chaotic energy fields due to misused technology. It's not the technology that's at fault, but rather how we employ it. Electro-magnetic energy, for instance, isn't inherently harmful; it's the misalignment with the laws of creation that distorts fields and leads to imbalance.

To restore vitality, we must return to the torsion field. The EE System technology comprises two components: the black box and the screen. The black box generates a torsion field using scalar technology, aligning electromagnetic fields to access the scalar side of the spectrum, beyond the speed of light, where true transformation occurs.

The screen, on the other hand, operates within our familiar 3D spectrum. It serves four primary purposes:

  1. Schumann Resonance (7.83Hz): This frequency resonates with the Earth's heartbeat, grounding your body and promoting natural health.

  2. Fibonacci Sequence: This sequence, found throughout nature, carries the code of creation. The screen's movement mirrors this sequence, transmitting coherency essential for vitality.

  3. Photonic Collision: Light emitted from the screens creates a charge, charging your cells to the ideal 70-90 mV range, in harmony with your environment.

  4. Colour: Colours, representing different energy frequencies, play a significant role in the EE System. They align with the optimal energy of various body organs, facilitating balance and vitality.


Your DNA is a light-storage device, absorbing and redistributing energy where needed. The EE System uses a rainbow mix, Schumann resonance, Fibonacci sequence, and precise light collision to nourish your DNA and promote coherence.

By addressing both scalar and vector ends of the energy spectrum, the EE System offers true holistic health. It creates an environment where your body can sync with the rhythms of the universe, leading to natural and lasting well-being. This approach transcends the limits of our perception, embracing the interconnectedness of all dimensions and realms to foster life force at its core.

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